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Hearing Health Partners Programs

Small or Large Businesses: Companies small and large can provide an excellent Hearing Health Program for employees and their families at no cost to the company. Beltone's Business Development Department will provide all the tools and resources necessary for the program from hearing tests and assesments by our Audiologists and Licensed Hearing Dispensers, to discounts on hearing protection and hearing aids.

Treating hearing loss in active employees or retirees can help reduce overall health expenses for companies that offer hearing health care programs. Our programs are an excellent way to add value to your existing health care plans. Adding a no cost Beltone Hearing Care program will save your members money and help your organization’s growth. Beltone offers:

  1. Contract Administration : We will completely coordinate the administration of the program. You typically need to only sign one agreement and can arrange for the program as a direct pay program or working through your health insurance program, if needed.
  2. Network Management : Make one call to Beltone and communicate with the entire Beltone Provider Network in your service area.
  3. Testing and Assessment : Beltone Audiologists and Licensed Hearing Aid Dispensers are professional and experienced. We provide on-site or in-office testing, assessment, servicing and Hearing Health Consulting. With 1500 offices nationwide and unmatched care and professionalism, Beltone ensures your employees get the best possible audiological and hearing technology services.
  4. Utilization Management : Beltone can provide data on the utilization of the hearing benefit by your members
  5. Membership Savings Reports : Beltone provides data that shows how much money your members are saving on their Beltone Hearing Health Program.

Contact the nearest Beltone Carolina office for more information on how to set up a business partnership with your organization.

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