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“Keep your savings in your savings” with Beltone’s Leasing Program

You may be asking yourself, “can I lease hearing aids?” The answer is yes! Our Beltone Leasing Program was one of the first of its kind and allows you to get the very best hearing help that you need, while staying within your budget. “Keep your savings in your savings” with low monthly payments and enjoy great benefits.

3 Reasons to Lease Hearing Aids:

1. Affordable, fixed low monthly payments that allow you to budget the cost of better hearing in with your monthly expenses, without the worry of the amount ever changing. This allows you to keep more of your hard-earned savings in your savings instead of a large upfront cost chipping away at them.

2. Always have the best technology and care! When you take advantage of the Beltone Leasing Program, you’re making a smart decision that will ensure you always have the best available hearing aid technology with automatic upgrade eligibility every 36 months. That’s right, even before your four-year lease is up you can upgrade to better technology. Ask us for more details on this great feature!

3. Great warranty coverage provides peace of mind that your hearing aids are always in warranty with the leasing program and are covered for four years.

All of these great benefits for one simple, affordable monthly payment. Interested? Schedule an appointment today to learn more!