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Hearing Aid Styles

Beltone carries a variety of hearing aid shell styles to fit your specific needs. We carry everything from custom fit styles to more open fitting ones that allow your ear canal to be less occluded. During your consultation we are happy to discuss which options may be right for you and can make a recommendation based on your level of hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your budget. Below are several of the styles we carry:

RIE (Receiver-In-Ear)

One of the more popular hearing aid styles, as it is nearly invisible and very discreet.

MIH (Microphone-In-Helix)

This hearing aid style uses the ear’s anatomy to create a more natural sound quality.


ITE (In-The-Ear), ITC (In-the-Canal), CIC (Completely-In-Canal), IIC (Invisible-In-Canal) – These are all custom fit hearing aids that are personally made to fit your ears specific anatomy.

BTE (Behind-The-Ear)

This model is sometimes referred to as “open fit” as it allows your ear canal to remain open for more natural sound.

Power and Super Power BTE

These BTE hearing aids are for those who have severe to profound hearing loss.