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Older Beltone Hearing Aid Models

Looking for support and care for your older Beltone hearing aids? We’re here to help! When you purchased your Beltone hearing aids in the past, you may have been entitled to BelCare™ lifetime care of your hearing aids. With BelCare™ you can receive free cleanings and adjustments. Repairs may be available for any in-warranty products, along with Lost, Stolen, or Damaged coverage. Call us today to schedule an appointment to review your coverage.  

Ready to upgrade? Great! Ask about a free in-office test drive of our latest hearing aids and see if your current aids are eligible for trade-in. You’ll be amazed at how much clearer and natural our newest ones sound, you wouldn’t believe we were able to make it even better – but we did!  

Request a test drive today to see the newest features included in our current products, including complete rechargeability and Remote Care to request hearing aid adjustments remotely from anywhere! 

Older Beltone Hearing Aid Models Include: 

  • Beltone Trust 
  • Beltone Legend 
  • Beltone Promise 
  • Beltone First 
  • Beltone True 

Unsure which model you have? No problem, call our customer service at  
1-800-925-HEAR (4327) and we can help you determine which hearing aid you have.